“Shark Teeth”


Did you know that one of the most frequent calls we get has to do with permanent teeth prematurely erupting behind baby teeth that are barely budging or completely immobile?  Don’t panic.  What we want you to know is that this is a common occurrence and in most cases time is the best treatment.  When you first notice that a permanent tooth is growing behind your child’s baby tooth, work on actively wiggling and encouraging your child to wiggle the tooth for several weeks.  If there is no progress, call our office to schedule an examination with the doctor and get an x-ray of the teeth.  An x-ray is important in case treatment, in the form of an extraction, is necessary to fully evaluate the size and position of the primary and permanent tooth/teeth.  We see at least 1-2 cases a day with this condition, so not to worry if your child has the infamous “shark teeth.”  When all is said and done, we want your child to have the satisfaction of pulling out their own teeth to put underneath their pillow for a visit from the Tooth Fairy, so try with all your might and be creative!  One of our beautiful patients decided to use a prop in our office to remove her own tooth, send us an email with your “tooth pull” stories or capture the moment with a video, share it, and hashtag #PDRHowILostMyTooth!


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